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  Announcements - Updated on Friday July 12th AT 9:30 AM

Registration for the 2013 Fall Season is now open

Test!!!!  08/22/2013

IF everyone is wanting to do a fall season let me know by email so I can get a head start on how many want to play . But same as before when I post it up only sign ups will be acknowledged not just emails asking how many have signed up . If WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SIGNED UP TO MAKE A SEASON I WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY BUT REMEMBER IT WILL NOT COUNT UNLESS YOUR ARE SIGNED UP. For NEW players this fall you will only need a Blue and Red shirt. So you will pay the same Registration as the rest. Only pay the Registration fee for the league

Cut off for Registration will be 8/18. This will give time to get the teams together. The season plans are to start on 9/8 . I want to say again if you are not registered and paid it will not count in the total players




EVERYONE I have an annoucement for the league. I have Recruited a Assistant and recruiter for our league to help and grow the league starting this fall so we can enjoy baseball once again. The rules will ramain mostly the same but we may shorten the games to 7 innings to get everything in for more teams. May do a split payment plan as long as it is fully paid before the season begins. The New assistant Director is Scott Stevens. Some of you may know him from Msbl. But we will be working together to make the league larger and better for all. His Number to contact him is 864-420-2593 and mine is 864-449-1400 call or text if you have any questions. My email is and his is for his phone and . We look forward to seeing some new faces and growing together. Invite some friends to the workout and let them see the fun and enjoy baseball

The GAP Baseball League is honored to be the first men's baseball league associated with the South Carolina Amateur Softball Association (SCASA). With our membership, the league receives more exposure and great insurance, which includes individual insurance cards.

The Great American Pastime Baseball League

We are a "for fun, recreational" Men's baseball league.  Our mission is to let EVERYONE play again for a few hours every weekend by just enjoying a friendly game of baseball!

League Overview

  • Overhand For Fun Recreational Men's Baseball
  • Games on Sundays none starting before 1 pm
    • no weeknight games
  • Two seasons per year
    • Spring and Fall
  • Must purchase and wear the official GAP uniform
    • Home and Away Jerseys and cap
    • One time cost
  • Must be 18 or older to play
  • Must be 28 or older to pitch
  • Must be 14 or older if father plays on the same team
  • Nine 2hr 15min games (usually 7 innings long)
  • Possibly one double-header weekend per season
    • a game on Saturday and another on Sunday
  • Wood or aluminum bats
  • Individual Sign-ups
  • 11-12 players per team
  • 4-8 Teams
  • Even Teams
    • league will attempt to create balanced teams
  • Fair Playing Time
    • no player may sit more than one consecutive inning
  • Rotating Batting order
    • on deck batter at last out is lead off next game
  • Two umpires provided every game
  • Pitchers may not pitch more than 4 innings per game
  • Maximum of 4 runs in each of the first 4 innings (keeps game going)
  • Six new Official High School grade baseballs are provided per game
  • Catcher's gear and batting helmets provided for each team
  • No stealing with a 10+ run lead
  • No Standings
  • Pseudo Play-offs (no trophies)
  • No Practices
  • Costs
    • 2013 Fall Registration - $125.00
    • Official GAP Uniform - $75.00 (new players only)
    • SCASA Insurance Card - $20.00 (Required per calendar year)
    • New players MUST purchase a uniform; All players MUST have SCASA insurance!
  • NO TOLERANCE! If umpire ejects a player from the game:
    • First ejection - removed the remainder of the game and the next game
    • Second ejection - removed from the league indefinitely
    • This is a for fun league - there's no reason to be upset with anyone, including the umps
  • Absolutely no refunds!

If you're unsure about playing, talk to veteran players and coaches at the pre-season Work-out Session.  See the Registration page for more info on the upcoming Work-out session.

Be assured that all players who register will receive fair playing time.  Baseball is an all-american game, and there are so many of us who simply want to play the game because it's fun!  After all, it's a game!  Why not just have fun?  When we were kids we'd show up at the field, pick teams and we just played.  That's what this league is trying to recreate - just a good time with friends! 

Is this league for you? - Well, if you like to win at all costs; if winning means everything to you; if you're a sore loser where you can't shake the other team's hands at the end of the game; or if you cannot laugh, joke and cut-up when you're ten runs down in the top of the 5th inning, then this league probably isn't for you. Also, if you currently play baseball in the MSBL and thoroughly enjoy it because of the high level of competition and the serious nature of the league, this league may not be for you. 

We have really good-natured teams and we're looking for players and teams who are mature enough to know that baseball is just a game and that some of us want to play this game "just of fun".  If you're looking for a place to enjoy friends who love the game as much as you, win or lose, then we're looking forward to having you join us!  You're gonna really enjoy yourself, and we'll enjoy having you!

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